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Hawaii Home Financing

Prior to beginning your home search you'll want to know approximatly how much you can afford.

If you are puchasing all cash, you can skip this step.

Use our Home Affordability Calculator to determine your approximate budget. You simply enter a few numbers and it instantly calculates how much you can afford using the 2 most popular methods, the Housing Ratio and the Debt Ratio. With these figures you could begin looking for homes that fit your preliminary budget.

Since sellers like to see at least a loan pre-qualification with your offer it's a good idea to apply for a loan now. It takes banks a little time to process your request. You can complete the Fannie Mae Uniform Residential Loan Application securely online or download the pdf and fill it in offline.

After you receive a loan pre-qualification letter you should ask the bank to continue processing your application and give you a loan pre approval letter. A loan pre approval letter is more solid than a pre qualification letter and it makes your offer even stronger when compared to other offers without one.

It's a good idea to shop for a loan. It could save you thousands of dollars. The Fannie Mae Uniform Residential Loan Application simplifies this process since all banks accept the same form.

We can help you simplify your loan application and get the lowest APR at no additional charge.

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Listing Details · Instant Offer

Listing Details

Our MLS details includes a column with Public Record specs. That way you can quickly spot differences in rooms, square footages, project names, taxes or loans which might bring errors, omissions or unpermitted construction to your attention.

Because this record includes all data fields in the MLS and Public record you get a clearer picture of the property. That helps you zero in on properties that closer match your lifestyle criteria and not waste time looking further at properties which can be immediatly ruled out.

There are links to rich external data sources such as Public Reports, Easement Maps, Parcel Maps, Floor Plans,DPP permits & zoning records, FEMA flood maps, Tsunami Maps, Property Tax Records, Condo Docs and Leasehold Disclosures.

It also contains a calculation of what it would cost to buy . It also sums up the current basic monthly costs of owning the property.

Instant Offer

When you are registered, you can tap to make an Instant Offer.

It only takes a few seconds for the aritificial intelligence to collect the necessary information, make various decisions that human real estate agents would usually make and pre popluate a complete offer purchase contract with addendums on Hawaii Association of Realtors forms.

You may then review the offer in both HTML/Web Page format or directly on the HBR forms. You can edit any of the variables or conditions.

When you've finished reviewing the contract simply check the box on the last page to initiate the Broker's review.

We are open 24/7 and will review your offer promptly.

Next, expect to receive the contract via Email for your electronic or manual signature.

There is no additional work on your part, it's just simpler, faster and more consistent than using a human realtor to create your offers.

Generating an offer with a human agent usually takes hours or even as much as a day. You have to track down your agent and communicate the terms of your offer. Your agent might be in a meeting, have a schedule to work around. Then they write your offer. They might have additional questions so there could be some back and forth. And eventually your offer is written. Meantime the buyers using our system have already won acceptance.

Being the first to submit an offer on a new listing that was offered at the right price increases your chances of winning acceptance ten-fold.

Better get registered now (if you haven't already) so when that fantastic deal comes along you'll be empowered to capture it.

Instant Offer functionality is a big deal that the industry wasn't expecting for another 10 years. We are the exclusive broker to be doing it anywhere in the country.

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Escrow Tasks, Documents & Calendar

Once you are in contract it's important to stay on top of your obligations and monitor the sellers fufillment of their promises.

You want to avoid missing any dates as that can be construed as a breach of contract which could give the seller rights to cancel the purchase contract.

You also want to be aware of the various dates where you can unilaterally cancel the contract.

A sample of our escrow management system is shown below.

It contains a list of all tasks required, referenced by purchase contract paragraph number, their respective due dates and whether it's the buyers or seller's task.

Hyperlinks to executed documents are provided so you can easily view the associated supporting document.

This calendar task list is a tool that helps you stay in control of the transaction through closing.

To summarize you'll have more information, simpler methods and faster reflexes than any other broker's buyers:

  • The easiest way to apply for a loan and assistance getting the lowest APR
  • The most up to date marketing knowledge; real-time inter-active statistics and charts, all MLS and Public Records sales & free CMA
  • Access to the largest and most up to date MLS and Public Records database
  • More search methods than any other broker including Okapi BM25 Full Text Search, Public Record Search and access to all MLS fields in your search
  • The most comprehensive Alert system including new listings, price changes, new open houses scheduled, status changes, new photos and solds
  • Instant Offer. Artificial intelligence that can create your offer in a few seconds 24/7
So, how does that stack up compared to other brokers?

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Sell Your Honolulu Home

Who you going to call when you need to sell your home?

How it works:

Select Your Address

The first page is for your street name. The 2nd page will prompt the street number. And if it's a condo there will be a 3rd page for you to select your unit number. In less than a minute your listing paperwork is pre-populated.

Review Listing Summary

The Listing Agreement is filled in from Public Records and MLS data in accordance with Broker programmed algorithms. It contains general property and owner identification as well as your list price, service level and other listing terms. Request a free Estimated Market Value on your home to see whether or not you are ready to price it to sell.

Our fees range from 1.5 to 2.5%. You'll get better results than you would if you paid the customary 6.0% rate. Last year I was ranked in the top 2% of sales, all my listings broke price records and they all sold quickly.

Verify your property information

Review it. Sometimes there are changes to the property that have occurred since the last Public or MLS record was posted. Optionally you may add your own Value Story.

Upload media

If you want to use your own media, you can upload 22 high resolution photos, 5 photospheres and 5 youtubes. Otherwise, they may be included in your service level.

Tap or click Seller's Disclosure

The Public Record Information is already added. You are required by law to complete the rest. I've simplified that by providing you with radio buttons, select lists and links to answers for some questions asked in the forms. That's so you don't have to fill in the answers manually or wonder where you are going to find this information.


Review Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Commissions below:
You can monitor the status of your marketing campaign online.

Counter or Accept Offers

Together, using art and science we negotiate the best deal for you. If there is Dual Agency Representation then I am bound by additional rules.

Stay on top of Escrow

Log in periodically to review your escrow task list with due dates and links to documents. Make sure you are performing your obligations on or before contractual due dates to avoid giving the buyer a window to cancel the contract. That may include delivering Section C Leasehold Disclosure Docs, Section E Inventory List, Section I Seller's Disclosure, Section K Staking or Survey, Section L Termite Report, Section M Condo Docs or Section N Rental Documents by the deadlines specified in the Purchase Contract.

Closing day

Check your bank account for the net proceeds.

Click here to take the next step toward the simplest way to get the most money for your home.

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